Design studio. Brand identity, packaging design, graphic design, food photography, content creation. Bregenz and Copenhagen. Founded by Brini Fetz.
Brini Fetz, design studio, hej studio, Copenhagen
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Branding and packaging design for The Syrup Company’s newest addition anaperitivo. Turning the liquid & spirits market upside down, anaperitivo’s vision is to play a significant role in reducing alcohol consumption world-wide—without cutting down on any of the fun.


anaperitivo is a complex brew of real herbs and flowers, carefully handcrafted in Copenhagen, with the aim of maximizing the drinking experience without alcohol. All organic, of course. Its flavors remind us of long summer nights, the joy of being together, and offer the same complexity as sophisticated alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Just minus the hangovers. Cheers!


Photography: Angela Lamprecht

anaperitivo branding packaging design

Art Direction: Brini Fetz
Lead Graphic Design: Victoria Hemphill
Graphic Design: Nanna Kopp
Copy Writing: Victoria Hemphill
Project Management: Antje Maria Dittmann
Photography: Morten Bentzon
hej studio & Sweet Sneak Studio