Corona Food Masks
Design studio. Brand identity, packaging design, graphic design, food photography, content creation. Bregenz and Copenhagen. Founded by Brini Fetz.
Brini Fetz, design studio, hej studio, Copenhagen
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Corona Food Masks

Though invisible to the human eye, this virus has left its mark on us and our surroundings. Empty streets, closed shops, faces hiding behind face masks.


Despite the importance of protecting ourselves from the virus, we felt intimidated and intrigued at the same time by the impact of face masks on our social life. In Western cultures we are not used to covering parts of our faces and the looks of most of the masks reminded us of hospitals and disease.


Face masks do have something sterile, even unearthly to it. Is there a way of creating face masks that are more natural and pleasant? Working with food and design in our daily studio work, we got to think of the many foods that organically wrap around our faces, covering mouth and nose. After playing with cabbage, radicchio and co, we created a Corona food portrait series. These food masks most certainly don’t protect us against any virus. Yet, they might help us draw a friendlier image of this special pandemic.


Models: near family and neighbors, shot with a safe distance.
Photography: Felix Bereuter


Art Direction: Brini Fetz
Lead Graphic Design: Victoria Hemphill
Graphic Design: Nanna Kopp
Copy Writing: Victoria Hemphill
Project Management: Antje Maria Dittmann
Photography: Morten Bentzon
hej studio & Sweet Sneak Studio