Sindroms – The Evergreen Issue
Design studio. Brand identity, packaging design, graphic design, food photography, content creation. Bregenz and Copenhagen. Founded by Brini Fetz.
Brini Fetz, design studio, hej studio, Copenhagen
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The Evergreen Sindroms

Well darling, I understand your sorrow, but let your grandma tell you: Time heals all wounds.’ There we go. A genuine, tried-and-tested grandma wisdom. Simple and yet surprisingly true, as we would find out a few years later, with a couple of our own experiences under our belts, having felt the healing powers of time on our own skin and hearts. Our grandmas and -pas hadn’t been joking and why would they have done so in the first place – they would know, after all.


As any grandma life hack is best enjoyed over a cup of tea and while indulging into a piece of cake, we invite you for the Sindroms Evergreen Issue to a visual escape into the parlour of grandmotherly warmth: A bit of kitsch, a bit of colour, mouthwatering Sunday delicacies, the good old waxed tablecloth. All of it inviting you to reminisce about those little wisdom-filled moments around the kitchen table full of sweetness and magic.


Concept & Styling: Brini Fetz & Nanna Kopp
Text: Katrin Fieseler
Photography: Morten Bentzon
Photography Assistant: Hannah Krist

Art Direction: Brini Fetz
Lead Graphic Design: Victoria Hemphill
Graphic Design: Nanna Kopp
Copy Writing: Victoria Hemphill
Project Management: Antje Maria Dittmann
Photography: Morten Bentzon
hej studio & Sweet Sneak Studio